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Social Media Strategy

Make your brand know by social networks

Among the digital marketing services offered by NUR, the Social Media strategies have a fundamental meaning during the planning. Nowadays, the social networks are essential to strengthen the own online presence and to help the process of brand awareness in your target. For these reasons we are committed in social media marketing activities planning, thanks to a focused team which takes care to any part of this service, from the report analysis to the customer care.

Why us?

We started to work in the internet marketing “world” back in 1999, when Internet was at the beginning of its spread. During these 20 years we have grown our expertise, also thanks to our customers and successful case studies, and now we can offer you a whole marketing services portfolio.
In our proposal are included social media services, which consist of manage the channel, create the contents, train the marketing team and plan the adv campaign in target. The starting point is the clear planning and the competitors’ analysis in order to create an exact and efficient report useful to control the goals and ROI. In this way you can really talk to your target, with the right tone of voice, highlighting your USP so you can push your brand, your products or services.

What we do for your brand?

A Social Media Strategy is focused on the social media using optimization. We work and manage your social communication on the main channels:
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
This service is composed by several activities which need to be coordinated planned. Generally, the steps of the strategy are:
  • Target analysis (to understand the Tone of Voice and the right channel you have to publish) and the competitors’ analysis (to understand what works or not and to take different decisions)
  • Social networks choice
  • Target groups and communities research
  • Exact but flexible editorial plan creation with relevant contents publication
  • Targeting campaign creations on social networks
  • Communities management and feedbacks on published contents
  • Statistics analysis of produced traffic based on strategy

Why do you need our strategy?

Our aim is to help the Italian and international small-medium companies and the big brands, in order to efficiently increase the social presence and to usefully describe their own qualities and services. Social Media Strategy is useful to company in any industry, working in both B2B and B2C targets, and companies that want to position on the Italian market.

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