Professional and effective SEO consulting


For more than 20 years we offer our expertise in SEO professional consultancy, as the search engine optimization is the key to allow your business to be found by your customers and prospects on the web. Since 1999 we help Italian and international customers to position on the main search engines, from the small, medium enterprises that need to improve their local SEO positioning to the big brands that operate worldwide. We improve our skills thanks to our customers who have businesses on different industries/markets: the Asiatic, African and American ones, each one has got its idioms and language, so we use any keywords combinations on different search engines:
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Why do you need a SEO service?

To be found by your prospects on the web. The Search Engine Optimization service is composed by optimizing activities on the website (either an internet portal or an e-commerce platform), both online and offline, which aim to improve the website page positioning on the search engine results page (SERP). To do it, you need to:
  • Understand who is your target or buyer persona
  • Understand what they are looking for on the internet, and how
  • Create contents useful to answer to their questions/needs.
In this way the user will immediately understand that you’re the right answer he’s looking for.
Every optimizing strategy starts from the data analysis on which we measure our performances. We are also focused on the mobile SEO. As most of researches are made with a smartphone or tablet, it’s important to optimize your website for these devices. We work on the contents’ quality and on the user experience. If you give useful and comprehensive contents to both search engine and user, you have a better organic positioning. These results are different from the paid/sponsored ones, achieved with the Pay Per Clic campaigns (results more visible in the short term). SEO allows you to have medium-long term advantages.

The website structure

The starting point of a well-done SEO project is based on a careful consideration of the contents’ structure. It’s essential to manage the right distribution of the contents in the website, because it influences the website surfing of both users and search engine. Moreover, a good structure allows us to emphasize the content strategy, highlighting the pages we want to bet on and facilitating the website usability. Finally, we always remember to support the connection between the user’s research and the final website page.

Content creation

SEO is the main part of a Digital Marketing project. The goal is offering to the users high quality contents in target with their researches. It means replying, firstly, to their questions and needs; then we can “climb” in SERP positioning, also because the search engine “knows” that we are the best answer to this specific question. This is the reason why the contents quality has so much power. With the Copywriting SEO service, we help you to manage valuable contents for the user, having any necessary information for his research (texts, images, videos and links).

Data analysis and Results report

We analyze the initial situation (also in comparison with the competitors) in order to clearly define the goals to achieve. We don’t have just to think about the website pages positioning in the organic results, we need to use a qualitative approach. So, we consider a wider organic positioning, based on more complex keywords’ “cluster” which are necessary to generate targeting traffic on the website. Here the reason why data analysis processes and reports are one of the most important services we offer.

Professional and expert consulting

We study, create and manage SEO project in successful Digital Marketing strategies. It has allowed us to develop – together with customers – the expertise that has created the company know-how, on which we build any activity, also the training ones. Each customer is a new challenge, but also the opportunity to study new tailor-made solutions.